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Ollie Cape Town -  Privacy policy 

Ollie Cape Town is an entrepreneurship program for students. For one semester (five months), you will be working on a project alongside the founders of a company matched to you and your skillset. You will be joining events hosted by other Startups. And to make you feel even more at home, you will be living with as motivated and outgoing people as yourself. 

We respect your privacy, but to provide you with our services we need personal details. In this policy you can read what we use your details for and in what way we save & register these details, protect them and about the way we process them. This policy applies for all the services we provide (the “Services”)

Personal details

“Personal details” includes all the information with which you can be identified as a person. Ollie uses these details to make sure the agreements we make, can be made.

Your agreement

We are allowed to process your personal details, since you are giving us the details to make the agreement, and through this policy we ask your permission to make use of them. If you do not want to share them, unfortunately you can not make use of the services provided by Ollie Cape Town.

We will never process you details without your permission, unless we have the obligation to do so by law.

Which details do we collect and what are we doing with your details?

To make use of the services of Ollie, we need the following details:

  • Your name;
  • Your age;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your address details;
  • Your place of residence;
  • Your phone number;
  • Your e-mail address;
  • Your emergency contact details;
  • Passport details;

Student profile

With your personal details we create a  student profile that we can share, but only with your permission, with partner companies of Ollie that are looking for interns. The profile we use to find matches between our students and companies. We safe your profile for up to two years after the termination of the internship agreement. We do this for potential aftercare of our relations, sales & marketing purposes and other purposes described in this policy.

Service in Cape Town

For the services we offer in Cape Town, like the arrangements for housing, transport & organisation of events, we only use your details if necessary. Your passport details, for example, we need for arranging sim cards for you and the lease agreement between you and your landlord. 

As soon as these purposes are completed, we will erase the passport details out of our system.


For marketing purposes, we could ask you to help Ollie and take part in the research. In this case, we use personal details for marketing purposes only. We will use the details anonymously for Ollie. We will not share details with third parties and will not publish them.

Protection of details

We will make sure to do everything we can to protect your personal details against theft, mis-use, modification and the spreading of details by unauthorised and unqualified parties. By doing so, parties that do not have anything to do with your details, can’t make use of them.

Retention period

We will safe your details up to two years after the ending of the internship agreement. We would like to stay in touch after you finish the  entrepreneurship program and your internship for research and reference purposes. If you would like to have us  to delete your details sooner, we can do so on first request.

With whom do we share you details?

Third parties

To make sure we can actually make agreements with you and other parties, we do share your personal details with other parties, like partner companies we have to introduce you to, but also agencies we use for the organising of the events and the lease agreement for your accommodation.


It could be possible that we make use of links on our website to lead you to other websites. We are not responsible for the protection of your privacy on these websites. We advise you to always read the policy and/or terms & conditions of those websites.


A cookie is a small tekstfile that, via the server of a website, is send to the browser. The browser safes the file in your device. Your device is given a unique number, with which our website recognises your device. 

We can use the cookies to develop and improve your experience on our website. Next to that, cookies give us the knowledge to improve our website, make it faster and you can use & experience our website in a safe way.

Storage of cookies allow us to:

  • Make our website faster;
  • Track faults and errors in our website;
  • Test improvements we make;
  • Optimize user experience.

Your browser options always allow you to delete or switch off cookies. Cookies will not be saved when you visite our website. However, without cookies our website does not give you the best user experience.

Social media campaigns

It could be possible that through lead campaigns on one of our social media channels, you have to give personal details to us. When you choose to share details through our social media channels. We can only use your personal details accordingly the terms & conditions of the relevant social media channel, this policy, our terms & conditions and all the applicable laws & regulations.

Changing the privacy policy 

We can change this policy at any given time. If we make important changes to the policy we will give notice on our website. If we have your e-mail address you will receive a notification through e-mail. If you are not registered as a user, we advice you to regularly check this policy for changes.

Your rights

The personal details we collect from you, are personal. That is why, regarding these details, you have the following rights:

  • You can ask us at any time for inspection of your details;
  • You can ask us to correct, change, limit or erasing your details. In case of fraude, non-payment or other unlawful acts of your side, we can register and safe some personal details or put them on a blacklist;
  • You can aks us for a copy of your details. We can share this copy - on your request - with other parties, so that you do not have to do it yourself;
  • You can file for a complaint at the institution authority of personal details, if you think that we use your details in an unlawful way;
  • You can withdraw your permission you give us to make use of your personal details at any given time.

If you have any questions regarding the policy or any other subject, you can always contact us:


Evert Krekels


+31 611536951 (WhatsApp)

+27 710896848 (Telefoon)