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Entrepreneurship Program

Learn to make a life, not just a living.

For one semester, you will be working on a project alongside the founders of a company matched to you and your skillset. A bit of curiosity, stubbornness and ambition will get you a long way, but let’s accelerate it with events hosted by other young and inspiring start-ups in Cape Town.

And just like it always does, this city will feel like home in an instant, especially when you are living with as motivated and outgoing people as yourself. Work, learn, experience and earn credits along the way, how about that? A quick call or Ollie info might answer the questions which are now popping up in your head.

Don’t be shy, ask away Having an unforgettable experience is just the first step. Receiving school credits for it, a second. But indulging yourself in a new city, building up valuable (soft)skills, creating an entrepreneurial mindset and being surrounded by inspiring an motivating people will give you life-long advantage. Trust us.


Entrepreneurship up close.

This internship will not be your average one. It’s not just an internship, it’s a project. Your project is created around your degree, skills and learning goals combined with the opportunities that lie at one of our partner companies. Here you will learn to think like an entrepreneur and be taught their decision making process, front row.

Input and initiative are highly encouraged and appreciated. This approach and the desire to become as successful as possible, encourages you to make most out of your project and along the way receive school credits for this period of time as well. An interview with Ollie and some match making magic is what it takes to connect you to the start-up with the perfect project. Let us guide you through these steps and convince us you belong in the Ollie poule.


Surround yourself with people whose ideas are as bold as yours.

Is there a better way to be inspired than by people with the same mindset as you? No, we thought so too! In the entrepreneurship program you will be living with other interns and students with the same venturous mindset as you.

All working on super interesting assignments from one of the other Ollie partners. Co-living with peers who are slightly stubborn, curious and ambitious will give you a kick start in the morning and endless road trip plans in the evening.

Your own private room, in a house with other (Ollie) students safely located, in one of the many great buzzing neighbourhoods in the city of Cape Town, rent included. Ready to make the move?


Learning without you even knowing it.

Cape Town has a lot to offer and as much as we would love to show it all, we won’t. Only the gems, the rest is up for you to explore. And it is not just the surroundings which are captivating, the start-up scene is one you will not forget either.

Every entrepreneur is characterised by stories: early-day stories, f*ck up stories and glory stories. Let the entrepreneurs of Cape Town tell you their story. Experience upcoming companies and develop valuable (soft)skills during the talks, workshops and seminars they will be hosting.

When Ollie takes you on weekend or day trips, there is nothing for you to worry about, just hop in. Everything is taken care of and included, we have got you covered! If your curiosity is taking over, have a little sneak peak.

Apply now, it's easy

Let us know

You are curious. Just let us know! Applying equals an online interview to see if you fit the Ollie profile. Nothing more and no strings attached.

Because of covid it's still uncertain if the Entrepreneurship Program can start in September. You can still apply for selections! Let us know and as soon as we get the green light, we can get going!


Ollie interview

In the Ollie interview we will get to know on another. Through some questions, but above all, through a personal conversation we will be able to decide if you fit the profile and discuss your wishes and criteria.

Ollie poule

Passing the Ollie interview, means you have made it into the Ollie Poule. Congratulations! Once selected for the Ollie Poule personal profile will be created based on the outcomes of the Ollie interview. With this profile, approved by you with a ‘yes I want this!’, Ollie starts its search for the perfect project at a start-up.

Match Making Magic

There is it: a match for you. An introduction to the company, explanation about the assignment and interview prep will get you ready to seal the deal in the final interview you will have with your future internship company.

Make it official

Yes! You got selected as one of the students for the entrepreneurship program and matched with a project and start-up in Cape Town. Now it is time to receive approval from your university and you are ready for the paperwork battle. Ollie is there to guide your through this process to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Cape Town

Counting the days

Book your ticket, pack your bags and before you know it we are picking you up from the international arrivals and introducing you to the city that will be your home for the upcoming months.

For students


An entrepreneurship program with Ollie Cape Town is an all-inclusive experience.

The tuition is split in a program fee and a pre fee. The pre fee secures your spot in the Ollie Poule and this is what you will get for in the actual Entrepreneurship Program: 

  • Five months co-living - rent, 24/7 emergency contact and housekeeping included
  • Project - a project under the supervision of driven entrepreneurs, teaching you the how to’s of working in a start-up
  • Match making process - guided, step-by-step recruitment journey leading up to the perfect project
  • Events & trips - inspiring you (how) to make most out of life by seminars, weekend trips and Friday afternoon drinks and more.
  • The difference - resume and career support, visa application guidance, airport pick-up, weekly Ollie contact add to an unforgettable experience.