• Turning your five month internship
    into one extraordinary experience

    The entrepreneurship program
    by Ollie Cape Town

    Ollie Cape Town
Ollie Cape Town

Entrepreneurship Program

After one semester of working on your own project at a start up, living with like-minded people and building entrepreneurial skills in the best city abroad, you will not worry about the next steps anymore. With school credits as a bonus.

Ollie Cape Town


Learning business outside of a school setting. Head first, your project, under the supervision of the founders. What better way to prepare yourself for your next step, than from the people who are making deals and important decisions every day. Are you up for it?

Ollie Cape Town


Home sweet home. A place where you live with other (Ollie) students. Feeling comfortable, safe and at home is essential. Here you will start your day motivated and end it with a head full of ideas. Leave the rest up to Cape Town.

Ollie Cape Town


Cape Town will deliver. It’s not just the mountains, but mainly the start-up culture, which makes it “the Mother City”. The best adventures and inspiring workshops, talks and seminars will add to the development of your (soft) skills. Making you stand out from everyone else with a degree and international experience.

What ollie cape town looks likes

It’s the stories that will stick, and first impressions that count.
So have a little scroll and get to know Ollie Cape Town.

Apply now, it's easy

1. Beat the deadline

Sign up for a Skype session and see if you fit the Ollie profile. If you get accepted into the Ollie Poule the real fun starts and the matchmaking can begin.

Because of covid it's still uncertain if the Entrepreneurship Program can start in September. You can still apply for selections! Let us know and as soon as we get the green light, we can get going!

2. Match making

Let’s get to know each other a bit better and create a personal profile.
A profile build upon your degree, skills and learning goals, which we will use, to go on the hunt for the perfect project and start-up.

3. Sign me up

A project proposal will be done and after your approval Ollie guides you step by step through the company interview, paperwork and visa application to the most unforgettable experience in Cape Town.

Cape Town

4. Time Flies

In the blink of an eye you will be in Cape Town, working at a start up, going on weekend trips and meeting inspiring entrepreneurs. Make sure to take it all in, because before you will know it you will be back home and longing for those amazing Cape Town days again.