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Ollie Cape Town has a different take on the abroad experience and see what potential an entrepreneurial mindset has.


Volunteering in India at age 16 and studying in Mexico at age 21; it was never the question if Iza would go abroad but when, how far and how long. It only took her one week to fall in love with Cape Town.

After finishing her Bachelor of Business Administration Iza set up an entrepreneurial line for Zuyd University Maastricht, for which she both created classes and lectured regarding the subject of entrepreneurship.

Her ‘practice what you preach’ belief combined with the love for Cape Town led to establishing Ollie. In which full advantage is taken of her contagious enthusiasm, naturally convincing yet approachable nature and being somewhat of a control freak.

It all revolves around experiences, the ones that excite, thrill and shape you. With Ollie that is exactly what Iza will be passing on.

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