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We believe in co-creation of the assignment. Communication and guidance is key.


Ollie Cape Town offers an entrepreneurship program. Participation in the entrepreneurship program of Ollie in Cape Town is not your average internship abroad. The student will be working on a project at a young fresh company under the wings of driven entrepreneurs in Cape Town. Businesses in which there is room for input and a proactive attitude is valued. Ollie believes that an internship should be a co-creation between all parties involved. Quality, proper supervision and cooperation are priorities to get to the best results.

When creating a project for a student their degree, skillset and learning goals are taken into consideration. These are compared to the opportunities that lie at our partner companies. When making a match the university requirements and guidelines are taking into consideration to have the entrepreneurship program eligible for school credits.

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Make it as personal as possible. If we are around, we love to drop by or otherwise tune in via video call to for you meet the people behind Ollie and answer all the questions you have.

There are two options, firstly entrepreneurship guest lectures. As young and ambitious entrepreneurs something we enjoy doing is giving honest and practical advice about the insights of the early days, the challenges faced and the how to’s of setting up a business. For every course a different topic can be highlighted. Secondly there is also an option to invite Ollie to host an info session about what it is like to follow the entrepreneurship program in Cape Town. Whether this is during a career event, international

Amsterdam, Maastricht, Tilburg and Breda have already hosted guest lectures before, so shoot us an email to get in touch!

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