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Our personal approach makes sending your child across the globe more easy. The airport pick-up is just the start!

Parents, this one is for you!

We at Ollie Cape Town understand very well that it can be quite something when your son or daughter breaks the news to you: “I want to move to Cape Town to do an entrepreneurship program for five months.”

Let us inform you as well as we can and answer the most important questions you might have. If, for whatever reason, there is something which still worries you, we are here for you too. We are just a call or email away!

Our promise to you as parents is that your son or daughter will be working on a qualitative project during their internship, has a safe place to come home to every day and people on the ground for whatever advice or questions they might have. Combine this all and a successful and unforgettable entrepreneurial internship experience awaits.

Ollie Cape Town


A qualitative project during the internship is the biggest priority at Ollie Cape Town. Each and every company that we partner up with, is set up by ambitious entrepreneurs. Together with a tight team and close to the founders, students will learn how to put theory into practice, the tricks of the entrepreneurial trade and will develop essential (soft) skills.

Multiple meeting beforehand, with all parties involved (student, company and university), and personal reviews during the period abroad contribute to the optimisation of the internship. Quality is key and only achieved by keeping a close eye.

Ollie Cape Town


A place in which a student feels safe and at ease is a must. Cape Town gives Ollie all the options to create a safe and inspiring home. By living together with other (Ollie) students they will effortlessly build up a group of people, which add to the complete experience.

The houses are safely located, in one of the many great buzzing neighbourhoods in the city of Cape Town, rent and 24/7 emergency included.

Ollie Cape Town


Cape Town is rich in nature, culture and adventure, making it the perfect learning environment for students with a go-getting mindet. Through the activities students will discover Cape Town in a unique way, inspiring them to make most out of life, everyday! Whether it will be starting their own company or pursuing a corporate career.

A combination of inspiring workshops, company visits, unwinding weekends and off the beaten track day-trips will teach them real valuable lessons and make the experience last far after you have come home.  Next to these weekends, Ollie is always near. Private phone numbers of both founder are provided and the possibility to meet up, outside of the program is not a problem.

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