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Ambitious, curious and slightly stubborn defines the Ollie student. An accurate selection procedure defines our Ollie poule.


The Ollie Cape Town entrepreneurship program is an internship experience for students with an entrepreneurial mindset. Fortune favors the bold and that is what you will get from an Ollie student. Curious, ambitious and a little bit stubborn. These are not the skills they teach you in school, it just comes natural.

Ollie believes there is no better learning environment than a young, ambitious start-up in which there is enough room for input and initiative, even for interns. In this program a student can put their theory into practice, learn entrepreneurial competences and help with problems you might facing by looking at things from a different perspective.

In the end it’s hard to think of better examples than people who are constantly putting the most important life lesson into practice: to achieve something you have to learn to, when you fall, to get right back up, to just go for it, keep believing and never give up!

Through application and interview process Ollie selects the most driven, motivated, curious and ingenious students. Before a student will be connected to you and proposed an interview, they have been screened and prepped. Only the best match is presented, to be able to truly add value.

Together with all parties involved (company, university and Ollie) a project is formulated on which the student will be working during the course of the program. In these 20 weeks the student can be guided in such a way, that they will eventually add as much value as possible.

So, let’s get to know each other and set up a stroopwafel meeting to discuss the possibilities.


Stroopwafel meeting

Let’s get to know each other and discuss the future for you and Ollie.

The Vow Meeting

Once both parties see some future potential, the vow meeting follows. The terms and conditions, student profiles and a global outline of the assignment will be discussed.

Green light

Contracts are signed and together with Ollie the final assignment for the student will be drawn.

I would like you to meet

The match making has started and based on the previously created assignment and student profile, a match will be made. The proposal is followed by an Skype meeting. This is not later than 3 months upon starting the internship period considering the application time of the right permits.

Just some paperwork

There is an Ollie student coming your way, congratulations! To make sure you are off to a great start Ollie will assist with the visa application and the final touches to the project outline.


There is a once of Ollie fee of R5000 for the 5 month internship period.
This covers the recruitment process, project set up and mediation during the internship period itself.